Electric Suction Machine

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Product Description

This is the latest electric pressure suction machine. It is a hand held device, giving consistent negative pressure for the cup to hold on the client. Recommended for Head cupping. Clients will not have to shave their hair for cupping with this device.

  • Electric Automatic Suction System
  • 5 different power adjustment; power can be adjusted freely by switching gears according to the desired strength.
  • Powered by USB cable for rechargeable design
  • Compact, stylish, light weight, easy to carry.

>Extension Tubes Available For Purchase With CURA CO


LED indicator status prompts, when the pump is working, the green light brightness is according to the selected suction strength gear, and the indicator lights of 1 to 5 gears are on. The green light is on when charging. After the charging is completed, all five green lights turn on to indicate full power.


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